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International Chairs represents an important framework through which to promote the research activities of UEB abroad. It allows us to build long-term, durable relationships with other universities, with experienced researchers who are invited for a period of three years". Two other International Chairs have been created to support research on the adaptation of oceans to climate change and on the energy efficiency of radio communication systems.

Each Chair receives 200 000 euros from the Région Bretagne, in the context of the objectives and means contract signed with UEB and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Scientific research in Brittany will thus be able to radiate at an international level, its level of attractiveness will increase and it will reach international standards.

April 8 in Lorient - A meeting with the holders of the UEB's International Chairs

The holders of the international chairs of the Université européenne de Bretagne (UEB - European University of Brittany) have made an appointment to meet you for a discussion on the subject of 'Understanding man's impact on the environment in order to minimise its effects'.

Appointment with International Chairs

Chair "Information and communications technologies"

Chair "Sciences and technologies of the Sea"

Chair "Agronomy, environment and sustainable devlopment"



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